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Trioliet’s self-propelled Triotrac mixers are full of opportunity

jaclyn krymowski


A piece of European technology coming to America was on display at the National Farm Machinery Show. Trioliet Feeding Technology showcased its Triotrac New Edition self-propelled feed mixer, designed specifically for large dairy and beef operations. This machine enhances time and economic efficiency compared to the traditional tractor and mixer wagon. It makes the day to day feeding routine all the easier and highly precise.

The Triotrac has been available in the Netherlands for about the past 10 years, it has recently been brought to the States, where a few large dairies have already taken a liking. The beauty of the Triotrac is it allows the entire feed mixing process, from silage defacing to mixing and feeding, to be done from the cab. The front end of the mixer simultaneously defaces the silage and dumps it into the mixer. This eliminates the need for a payloader and skid steer and having to transfer the silage between multiple vehicles. This helps reduce exposed silage face as well as have less wastage with less transfer.

In addition to its many configurable options, the major benefits offered by the Triotrac include a very high loading capacity, especially when loading tough silage and round bales, high loading accuracy, a perfect view on the cutting process, ease of use and service. The North American models, the 1200, 2000 and 2400, have 610, 715 and 860 cubic foot capacities respectively.

The New Edition also has some improvements on its predecessors, including a telescopic cutting-loading system with a discharge height up to 20 feet, and an ECOdrive and I-Control system for enhanced energy efficiency.

Besides eliminating silage loss during transfer, the Triotrac has an extraction method that is built to only remove exact amount of silage needed. The cutting-loading system leaves an optimal vertical cutting surface at the bunker, which prevents silage from overheating, avoids rainwater seepage, prevents hazardous crumbling and better preserves feed structure. And it’s not exclusive to silage — Triolet says its equipment can tackle all types of feed, including large round or square bales in the ration.

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