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Mycogen: Five tips for fighting foliar diseases in corn

· July 10, 2018

The 2018 growing season may be off to a great start in most areas of the Corn Belt, but one Mycogen expert says variable weather and heavy rain makes scouting for foliar diseases even more important.  And another reason growers should consider a foliar fungicide plan to protect their corn silage crop through the hot, […]

Mycogen: 5 tips for strong-start, high-quality corn silage

· February 7, 2018

Growing and producing a high-quality corn silage crop starts at Day 1. One Mycogen Seeds expert says now is the best time for producers to build a plan for the upcoming growing season. “With feed costs close to 60 percent of a dairy operation’s budget, the choices a producer makes now will not only impact […]

Alltech: Once mycotoxins in crop, they will not go away

· November 21, 2017

Corn silage samples from across the U.S. have shown extremely high levels of mycotoxins, particularly deoxynivalenol (DON), type A trichothecenes (T-2), fusaric acid, and fumonisin, according to the Alltech 2017 Harvest Analysis. And once there are mycotoxins in the crop, they will not go away. There will be higher levels of mycotoxins on farms practicing […]

Mycogen unveils new corn silage for better feed efficiency

· October 5, 2017

More feed efficiency, more milk? Yes please. Mycogen Seeds has released Unified corn silage with SilaSoft technology to deliver unparalleled fiber digestibility combined with highly digestible starch in one hybrid. “Unified corn silage is the next step in silage innovation. It answers the need for high fiber digestibility paired with digestible starch, which delivers real […]

Five tips for fending off the fall slump

· September 19, 2016

It’s out with the old and in with the new on many dairies across the United States. Old corn silage is getting replaced with freshly cut or recently fermented corn silage. Unfortunately this change often causes a “fall slump” in milk production. According to a recent Lallemand Animal Nutrition release, fresh silage can have lower […]

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