Farmers for Free Trade

Free trade groups urge president to capitalize on G20 summit

· November 29, 2018

For months, farmers have been battling the negative effects from the trade war going on currently between the U.S. and China. Americans for Free Trade sent a letter today to President Donald Trump urging the White House to resolve the ongoing trade war with China during the president’s meeting with Chinese President Xi at the G20 meeting this […]

Farmers for Free Trade: Top 10 questions on USDA $12B aid

· August 24, 2018

The bipartisan campaign Farmers for Free Trade has been fielding many questions from farmers on how exactly the USDA’s $12 billion aid package will work. “Since this package was announced last month we’ve traveled to rural communities across the country to hear directly from farmers. Their reaction to this package has almost uniformly been that […]

UC study: Fruit, tree nut tariffs to cost U.S. $3.4B annually

· August 16, 2018

A new study from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources’ Agricultural Issues Center finds that tariffs on 10 fruit and tree nut exports alone are estimated to cost the United States $3.4 billion annually. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, fruit and tree nuts account for more than half of […]

Farmers for Free Trade amplifies voice from North to South

· August 9, 2018

Farmers for Free Trade is gaining momentum from North to South this week. The bipartisan campaign chaired by Senators Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Max Baucus (D-MT) that is leading the fight against tariffs announced a major new ad buy with ag publications in states across the country. The ad buy is part of a new […]

Ag Economy Barometer

American Soybean Association joins Farmers for Free Trade

· August 2, 2018

The American Soybean Association, the voice for more than 30 soybean-producing states and 300,000 soybean farmers across America, announced that it will be joining Farmers for Free Trade. Farmers for Free Trade is a bipartisan campaign co-chaired by former Senators Max Baucus and Richard Lugar that is amplifying the voices of American farmers, ranchers, and […]

Farmers for Free Trade launch Tariffs Hurt the Heartland

· July 27, 2018

Farmers for Free Trade, the bipartisan coalition that’s leading farmer opposition to tariffs, has launched Tariffs Hurt the Heartland. This new, multi-million dollar campaign will highlight the widespread economic pain the trade war causes for middle America, particularly American farmers, manufacturers, workers, and consumers. The first ad in this new campaign against tariffs highlights the […]

Montana farmer tells House tariffs are keeping her up at night

· July 18, 2018

A Montana farmer told the House Ways and Means Trade Subcommittee today that there have been very few issues in her career as a farmer that has caused her to lose sleep. But the latest string of tariffs against agriculture is one of them. Michelle Erickson-Jones, a grain farmer and cattle rancher from Broadview, spoke […]

China’s retaliatory tariff is no longer theoretical

· June 18, 2018

After the Trump Administration announced it is moving forward with $50 billion in tariffs on Chinese products, the Sleeping Giant snapped back with a 25 percent retaliatory tariff on multiple U.S. goods. The retaliatory tariff includes soybeans, cotton, sorghum, wheat, vegetables, beef, pork, and more and will go into effect on July 6. The American […]

Farmers for Free Trade: Four outcomes we need with China

· May 22, 2018

Farmers for Free Trade applauds the progress made with China this week, but cautions that much work exists. Brian Kuehl, Executive Director of Farmers for Free Trade, released the following statement on the framework the U.S. and China announced over the weekend as part of negotiations on avoiding additional tariffs. “The framework that the U.S. […]

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