Hagie sprayers get redesigned to take on John Deere engines

· May 4, 2018

Hagie Manufacturing and John Deere have made some changes to model year 2019 Hagie sprayers to improve performance and functionality in the field. Continuing the engine change that started this year on the largest Hagie STS Sprayers, MY19 Hagie STS10 and STS12 machines will be powered by 6.8L PowerTech John Deere diesel engines, providing 280 […]

John Deere R4044 Sprayer aims for accuracy in tough terrain

· May 3, 2018

For farmers looking for a sprayer with more accuracy and less crop and soil impact, John Deere now offers a lightweight, 1,200-gallon capacity applicator. The new R4044 Sprayer joins the company’s 4-Series Sprayer family, filling the niche for a lighter weight, high-tech, high-capacity machine that gets into the field sooner and keeps working longer. The […]

Capstan AG Systems files patent lawsuit

· August 5, 2016

A manufacturer of pulse-width-modulated agricultural spray control systems is accusing its competitors of infringing on its patents — and the company has filed a lawsuit to assert its rights to the products. Capstan AG Systems Inc. — a private company based out of Topeka, Kansas — claims that Raven Industries Inc. and CNH Industrial America LLC is infringing on patents relating to […]

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