No Food Left Behind: WWF study addresses food loss in fields

· August 21, 2018

Just how much produce is the agricultural industry leaving in the fields post harvest? The World Wildlife Fund dove into food loss numbers in their recent report, “No Food Left Behind: Underutilized Produce Ripe for Alternative Markets.” The report examines four crops during the 2017-2018 growing season at a set of farms in Florida, New […]

Wendy’s to only use greenhouse, hydroponic tomatoes

· June 5, 2018

Wendy’s has announced a new initiative to source vine-ripened tomatoes for its North American restaurants exclusively from greenhouse farms by early 2019. Tomatoes for Wendy’s will be grown in indoor greenhouse and hydroponic farms from approximately a dozen suppliers throughout North America, including the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Southeast, and Great Lakes regions of the […]

Study: Big beefy tomatoes stem from Cell Size Regulator gene

· August 21, 2017

Why can farmers grow big, juicy tomatoes? Its all due to a mutation in the Cell Size Regulator gene that occurred during the tomato domestication process. Esther van der Knaap of the University of Georgia, Athens, and colleagues describe this gene variant in a study published in open-access journal PLOS Genetics on August 17. When […]

Insights into how plant roots react to specific pathogens

· July 26, 2016

As hard as we fight against plant pathogens, we have to be aware that those pathogens are doing what they can to fight us. One such microbe, Ralstonia solanacearum, enters roots through wounds or natural openings and chokes off the water-transport system of a plant. The result is that the plant — commonly tobacco, tomatoes, and […]

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