Peterson Farm Bros. parody: Who you gonna call? ‘Crop Dusters’

· August 12, 2021

It certainly isn’t “somethin’ strange” to see a crop duster flying over America’s heartland — they’ve been doing that for 100 years!! A century ago this month, the first pesticide application via agricultural aviation took place. So there’s no better way for the Peterson Farm Brothers to honor that milestone than with a fun parody song and video!

In fact, you’re going to love some of the video clips and other imagery that the Petersons use in this video. And the lyrics? On point, of course! 

So who are you gonna call the next time you need your crops sprayed? 🙂


It’s likely that you’re already well-versed in the Petersons’ music, but in case this is you’re first time hearing them, the group has made 20+ music videos prior to this one (some are parodies, while others are originals), along with a host of other informational and entertainment vids (they even created a second channel specific to those).

Here’s the whole list of their other music videos, along with the links to watch them:

1. I’m Farming and I Grow It

2. Farmer Style

3. A Fresh Breath of Farm Air

4. Bale

5. Chore

6. All I Do is Farm

7. I’m So Farmer

8. Taking Care of Livestock

9. Farmers Feed the World

10. Our Farm Song

11. Residue

12. Forage Harvester

13. Tractorstuck

14. California Farms

15. Farmer Rock Anthem

16. Old Town Road

17. Crazy Grain

18. We Will Milk Cows

19. The Net Rap

20. Corn Revolution

21. Highway to Sell

22. Some Cows

Be sure to check them out! If you’ve already got a favorite? We’d love to hear which one it is.

The Petersons can also be found at their website here or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat: @petefarmbros

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