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12 selected for #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces team


Twelve lucky college students have been chosen to lead the #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces team this year. Candidates were selected based on their involvement in the pork industry and their strong communication skills. The team will be active from July through December.

“Social media is ingrained in young people’s lives,” said Claire Masker, communications director for the Pork Checkoff. “It’s an easy tool for them to use in sharing their insights and inspiration about an industry that they are so proud to be a part of. With so many diverse social media channels available to them, they each have an opportunity to share their passion for pig farming with their followers.”

The 2018 class of Social Forces include:

  • Abbie Greer, The Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute
  • Caitlyn Wileman, Iowa State University
  • Haley Fischer, Northwest Missouri State University
  • Jenna Siegel, Lincoln Land Community College
  • Logan Fullerton, University of Missouri
  • Mackenzie Wille, Oregon State University
  • Madeline McGarry, Iowa State University
  • Mati Abner, Texas A&M University
  • Meghan Clancy, Texas A&M University
  • Shelby Veum, Iowa State University
  • Wade Hutchens, Illinois State University
  • Whitney Whitaker, Kansas State University

“Consumers continue to have questions about how pigs are raised, and pig farmers know the answers better than anyone else,” said Masker. “The Pork Checkoff’s social media outreach program helps real farmers share their real stories with consumers through #RealPigFarming.”

The hashtag (#) before RealPigFarming helps people search social media posts with the same phrase, making it easier for them to follow conversations.

“I am excited for the opportunity to bridge the disconnect between pig farmers and consumers by proactively enagaging in conversation about modern pork production practices,”said Madeline McGarry, newly selected member of the #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces and a student at Iowa State University.

“The social forces team will be encouraged to use #RealPigFarming as advocates for the pork industry,” Masker said. “While serving on this team, the students will be able to improve their communications skills and expand their professional network within the industry.”

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