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First vaccine licensed for Klebsiella mastitis in dairy cattle

· July 24, 2018

AgriLabs has announced the commercialization of KLEBVax SRP, the first vaccine licensed for dairy cattle to prevent mastitis caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae. KLEBVax SRP, which features Siderophore Receptor and Porin (SRP) technology, gives veterinarians and producers a new tool to prevent disease and reduce antibiotic use. A similar vaccine using Klebsiella SRP bacterial extract was […]

New mastitis product forces out 96% of pathogens

· October 10, 2016

Dairies can now cancel out mastitis through electromagnetic frequency. Aspen Veterinary Resources recently introduced a new product line of stall and feed additives, that reduces mastitis in dairy cows, through a technology similar to noise-cancelling headphones. The first of its kind in the United States, Easy Cow and Gold Pro Cow, are made with all-natural […]

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