GET REAL. Got milk? New milk video looks at what’s really real

· August 26, 2022

Wholesome, nutritious, REAL milk is at the forefront of the new got milk? campaign. Funded by the California Milk Processor Board, the campaign launched a video starring singer Diego Boneta. 

The new video explores what the world would like like if we were all unapologetically authentic and honest. The new campaign is also tracking which city is the most “real,” encouraging social media users to use #GETREALMILK and #YOURCITY.

In 2020, a new generation embraced the iconic got milk? campaign. At the same time, society began pushing for decisions based on what feels more authentic and right. 

got milk? says, “Just like drinking real milk, being real comes with some pretty great benefits! There’s nothing quite like embracing the things that make you unique . So let’s get real, together! 🥛 How do YOU choose to get real?”

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