horses permafrost

Migration strategy may help horses save the permafrost

· March 17, 2020

Permafrost soils in the Arctic are thawing. As they do, large additional quantities of greenhouse gases could be released, accelerating climate change. In Russia, experiments are being conducted in which herds of horses, bison, and reindeer are being used to combat this effect. A study from Germany’s Universitity of Hamburg, just released in the Nature journal […]

horse blanket accessories

4 must-have horse blanket accessories

· March 13, 2020

Let’s imagine this scenario: You bought a great turnout blanket for your horse in the fall, but spring rolls around, and that same blanket is now caked with mud, has a broken surcingle, and overall doesn’t have that new blanket look anymore. We’ve all been there, and you don’t want your animal going around looking […]

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